Our mission

It's time for a change. A promise to ourselves!

Let's be honest: Have we ever thought about whether car accessories are sustainable? 

We have made it our mission to start right here and think differently. The future of mobility will change. The electric drive is already an important component of our mobility. We want to make a statement with our 2befair brand.

With the 2befair brand, we give you our brand promise! 

  • Transparency is very important to us. We will show you where and how 2befair products are produced, because this is the only way to gain your trust.

  • We have to ensure fair production by paying attention to good working conditions at our manufacturers. Of course, we succeed in this by focusing on regional production of our products as much as possible. This way we can keep transport distances to a minimum and reduce Co2 emissions.

  • In addition to fair production, 2befair products should be produced as sustainably as possible. Let's make sure that materials are recycled and not simply thrown away. Already now, our rubber mats consist of 30% recycled material. In the future, we will do our utmost to use a significant amount of recycled material in every product.

  • Another important aspect of our products is quality. We stand behind our products and our brand 100%. Each of our products is tested by ourselves, as this is the only way we can ensure that they meet our quality standards.

Let's do everything possible to think fair and sustainable together!

True to the motto: Let's change it together!