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Who is behind 2befair?

The founder of the 2befair is Nico Pliquett, also the CEO of our online shop Shop4Tesla. The team consists of a total of 7 employees. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio, improving our online shop and being available to our customers for inquiries. You can find all contact persons on the about us page.

What distinguishes 2befair from conventional manufacturers?

2befair places a high value on fairness. By focusing on sustainable production and the selection of environmentally friendly materials, we are fair to the environment, with comprehensive guarantees and attractive pricing, we are fair to the customer, and by specifying strict criteria regarding the selection of the production site, we guarantee fair working conditions.

Where can I buy the sustainable 2befair products?

All 2befair products are sold exclusively at Shop4Tesla. There you will find other great accessories for your electric car.

How are the 2befair products shipped?

When shipping our 2befair products, we avoid additional plastic for packaging and rely on environmentally friendly shipping boxes. All of our products are shipped as climate-neutrally as possible, which is why we have chosen to ship with DPD. DPD has already delivered 1.3 billion climate-neutral parcels since 2019. On top of that, Co2 is offset by a Co2 compensation program, which is certified according to the strict Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Is sustainability also practiced in the company?

Every employee consciously pays attention to the environment, stands behind the brand 100% and of course drives an electric car themselves. In the office we try to avoid plastic waste and conserve resources as much as possible.

Will the brand continue to expand?

Definitive! With the rubber mats we lay the foundation of the 2befair brand. More products from fair and sustainable production are to follow in the future. We also want the accessories for your electric car to be sustainable and do something for the environment.

What do you look for when choosing a 2befair product?

We are doing everything we can to gradually convert many of our products to 2befair products. Of course, we are also very interested in finding new products for our 2befair brand. Please understand that the changeover can take some time.

How can I tell in which country the products are made?

The corresponding country of manufacture is stored for all our products in the online shop. Transparency is our top priority. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Are you involved in climate protection?

Yes, with every order in Shop4Tesla we donate 1 euro, for orders over 250 euros we donate 3 euros. If your order is even more than 1000 euros, we will donate 5 euros.

Are the mats free of harmful substances?

Yes! There are no harmful substances in our mats, it is just the pure material, without plasticizers or the like. Therefore, we also guarantee that our mats have a neutral smell!

What material are the rubber mats made of?

The mats are made of HDPE plastic and are coated with TPE - this is a non-slip rubber material. Our rubber mats are already made from 30% recycled material. However, we are already working on significantly increasing this proportion. We are already testing a material that is made from old fishing nets and hope to be able to use it this year

Where are the rubber mats made?

We have our 2befair rubber mats produced regionally in our area. On the one hand, this has the advantage that we are close to the production of our rubber mats in order to clarify any questions, and on the other hand, the transport route between production and our dispatch warehouse is relatively short in order to save Co2 emissions. It also secures regional jobs.

Do the Tesla Model 3 rubber mats fit all Tesla Model 3?

Our 2befair rubber mats fit in all Tesla Model 3 Facelift. (from year of construction 2021)

Are all 2befair products made in Germany?

We pay attention to the most sustainable and regional production possible. Many of our products are manufactured directly in Germany. For products where we cannot find any production in Germany, however, we will limit ourselves to other EU countries. The corresponding country of manufacture can be found in the product itself.

Our 2befair rubber mats

We have our rubber mats produced regionally in Germany. We attach great importance to sustainable, but also fair production with high quality. We deliberately opted for high-walled shell mats with a rubber coating. You can find our products at

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    Our rubber mats for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are currently available. However, we will continue to expand our product portfolio in the future and offer even more sustainable car accessories.

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    Transparency - Fair production - Sustainable production - Quality

    These are the pillars of our brand 2befair on which we build. Our mission is to make accessories for your electric car sustainable. The environment will thank us!

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    We are a young start-up based in downtown Hamburg. Our team now consists of 8 employees. Each of us has put a lot of heart and soul into the 2befair brand and stands behind our products 100%.

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